Love Your Cat? Find Out Ways To Express Love To Your Kitty

Love Your Cat? Find Out Ways To Express Love To Your Kitty

Cats are lovely and beautiful creatures, and the more you establish a bond with them, the more you love them. That said, it is not as obvious you do so with a dog, though – your kitty will have to approve of you first! You love your feline baby unconditionally and wonder if she realizes how much you love her.

Fortunately, there are some practical ways to express your love for your kitty love, and in this article, we have discussed exactly that. Keep reading to discover how to express your love for your feline:

Nestle your kitty

Although you might want to keep cuddling your furball, not all cats like cuddles; however, if your kitty approves of some quick snuggle, you can surely give her some. Sit in a comfortable place and put a warm blanket on your lap. Gently lift your kitty, or if she comes on seeing you sit, call her and let her sit on your lap. Your feline baby will like the warmth of the blanket and sure will knead on or maybe purr herself to sleep. It is one of the most common and beautiful ways to express your love for your cat.

Gift her a scratch post or bowl

Scratching is an instinct in cats, and they do this to mark their territory, get rid of the dead outer layer of the claws, and leave their scent on surfaces. Did you know your cat has a scent on her paws? It's incredible but true. Cats also scratch to stretch and flex their body. But scratching on the pillars and your home walls may cause damage to the interior aesthetics. Show some warm love to your fur baby and gift her a scratch post or bowl. She will enjoy scratching and spending quality time with her post or bowl while you can sit beside her and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Give her some slow blinks

If you are a cat parent, you must have seen your kitty slowly blinking at you. Your kitty does this when she is relaxed and feels love towards you. It's a kind of feline gesture expressing love and adoration. Next time when you sit beside your cat, give her some slow blinks, and she will understand that you love her. See much more straightforward than any text and call, right?

Speak to her in kitty language

Does your kitty keep talking to you in her sweet kitty language, meowing tenderly? If she does, you're lucky. Your cat has unique meows and coos saved for you, and she will be using this to communicate with you. When she meows or coos at you, just imitate her voice while petting her. By doing so, you are talking to her in kitty language. Your fur baby will understand your affection and will approve of it. It is another way to express some kitty love for your furball.

Groom your kitty

Grooming your cat is essential as it keeps her in her best look and helps maintain a healthy coat. Not just that, grooming your cat will also let you express your love towards her. You must have noticed cats grooming each other to keep them clean and establish a sense of belonging among themselves. Likewise, while you groom your cat, you are not just cleaning her but letting her know that she and you both belong to each other.

Start with brushing her gently and do it regularly. If your cat has long hair, this should be a regular ritual. You can also take a warm damp cloth or towel and gently rub your cat from head to tail. She will enjoy the towel bath – another motherly gesture of love.

Approving her of rubbing against you

Cats rub against their favorite humans to express love. If your kitty rubs herself against you, it means she is claiming you as a part of her family. Cats have scent glands on their cheek and head, and by rubbing against you, they are spreading that scent that means you belong to them. Isn't that pure love? Sure it is. Let your kitty rub against you – you are one lucky person to be claimed.

Help relax her whiskers

It might seem impossible, but cat whiskers are really magic wires and may experience fatigue sometimes. While eating or drinking from her bowl, if your cat's whiskers are pushed back regularly, it can actually cause pain to her. Also, if you have more than one cat, it is good to place their bowls at a distance from each other. Cats don't like pounding on each other heads while eating. To relax her whiskers, you can get your kitty a cat a bowl specially designed to resist the fatigue of whiskers.

Your cat will thank you for this!

A comfortable bed is most welcome

Cats like soft cozy surfaces to sleep. Ever wondered why your cat sleeps on washed laundry? It is because she loves to sleep on smooth and clean surfaces. Provide your cat with a soft and warm bed she'll love to sleep on—most cats like sleeping on high surfaces. If you have a cat bed already, try placing it in a place where there is plenty of sun rays. Your cat can laze on or sleep enjoying the daylight.

Even better, place some cushions on the windowpane if you have enough space. Let your kitty settle down and have a good view of the world outside. She'll thank you for this with slow blinks.

Play with her

You might have assumed that your cat loves being alone and doesn't approve of anyone invading her space. Although you must respect her space, spending some quality time with your kitty is always good. Although your kitty doesn't express it like a pooch, she wants to spend time with you. There is no better way to say that you love your kitty than to spend some joyous moments with her. Besides placing her on your lap, you should also play with her – try that feather string game. Get a feather string and shake it to draw your kitty's attention. Once you grab her attention, she will start playing with it.

It will trigger her hunting instinct, and she will try everything to catch hold of it. Play with her for some time and make sure you let her win and catch that feather to avoid her from becoming frustrated. You can also play with her the old way by lighting the torch on the wall or floor and letting her catch the light. Be mindful not to turn on the flash on her eyes directly anywhere near her face – it may cause damage to her eyes.

Leave her toys when home alone

Leaving your cat alone at home while you are at the office can be heartbreaking. You can't help it, but sure you can leave some of her favorite toys. Get her some stuffed toys that she can play with while you are away. You may also leave her something with your scent on it, say, your pillow cover or scarf, for instance. Also, leave food and fresh water so that she has something to munch on when she pleases. Before you go to the office, play with your cat or, if possible, take her for a walk. These activities will help you both spend quality time and make her tired, and she will have a sound sleep while you are away. 

Exercise your cat

Though more of a healthier version of love, it is essential that your cat does her part of an exercise to keep herself fit. Playing with her or walking her out involves moving her muscle, which is good for her overall health. You feed her, but how conscious are you about her health? Show some healthy love towards your kitty by involving in some physical exercises. Remember, keeping your kitty healthy and fit is one great way to show and say that you love her, and you'll know your cat will approve of it.

Your cat is an integral part of your love, and no matter how aloof your fur baby is, you love her. Follow these mentioned ways to express your love for your cat, and she will understand your love towards her.

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