Why Is My Dog's Nose Dry? Should I Be Concerned?

Why Is My Dog's Nose Dry? Should I Be Concerned?

A healthy puppy is a happy puppy, and there is no disbelief to this. One of the most important factors that indicate your dog's overall health is his wet nose. An ideal and healthy dog should have a wet and cool nose.

But then what if your dog has a dry nose? Does it mean your pooch is sick? There are countless theories and research work put together by dog health experts, but before you dig further into understanding and finding a solution to the issue, let us understand first why dogs have cool and wet noses?

We all are aware of the incredible smelling power of dogs which is 1000 to 100,000 times more than humans. Did you know a dog's wet nose is the reason behind its smelling abilities? The dog can draw in particles that a dog's olfactory glands can examine through the wet nose. Your pup has a thin mucus in his nasal cavity that helps him with the scents. Also, a wet nose helps your dog keep cool during crouching summers.

Why Is Your Dog's Nose Dry?

Wet nose dogs are healthy dogs, but it doesn't mean that a dry-nosed dog has serious health concerns, although it can certainly suggest a slight fever, dry eye, or dehydration. If you find your dog's nose dry and warm, check for his gums. If the gums are moist, it is a sign of dehydration. If the gums are pale, it means your dog might have low blood pressure or anemia. Purplish or bluish gums mean your dog needs medical assistance at the earliest. However, if your pup has clear pink gum like yours, he is healthy, and there's nothing to worry about.

In an attempt to understand, why your dog has a dry nose, try asking these questions to yourself after observing your puppy:

Is your dog overactive?

Overindulgence in exercise or running can make your dog's nose warm and dry due to the breeze or because he is not licking his nose. It could also be because he is not hydrated enough.

Just like your lips tend to dry or chap out during too hot or too cold weather, your dog's nose can also be affected by that. Lying long hours near a blower or heat vent during the winters can also dry your dog's nose. However, this isn't permanent, but spending long hours in the hot sun, cool breeze can have other health-related issues for your dog. Also, consider not leaving your dog in a closed car during summers as this can be fatal at times. 

Is your dog a senior?

Observe your dog’s dry nose, does it have cracks or loose pigments? Pigments and cracks are caused by old age. To protect your dog from a dry nose, you can rely on nose balms that will keep your doggo’s nose moist and hydrated. 

How much water does your dog is drinking?

Water is essential for your dog, and you must see that he is hydrated all the time. If your dog has not been drinking enough water, he will get dehydrated and have a dry nose. Other effects of dehydration can be an issue with the kidney, shut down, or send the dog into a shock. Make sure you keep a fresh bowl of water near your dog and keep refilling it.

How Sleep And The Shape Of Your Dog’s Skull Can Cause Dry Nose?


Dogs frequently lick their nose, which helps to maintain the moisture of their nose. While sleeping, your dog doesn't lick his nose, and hence it gets dry.

Brachycephalic effects

It is the shape of the skull of some dogs that have a shorter or flat face, like a bulldog or pug. These dogs have flatter and shorter faces, making it difficult for them to lick their nose.

Some of the abnormal reasons for drying of the nose in dogs include-

- Sunburn

Some breeds of dogs, especially those with pink or pale noses and thin coats, are more prone to sunburn. It also leads to drying of the nose.

- Allergies

Some dogs have allergic reactions like humans and can have a dry nose as an aftereffect of an allergy. If your puppy has been under some allergic reactions, a dry nose can be a thing. You can speak to one of our team regarding this and get him treated.

- Blocked tear duct

If your doggo has a blocked tear duct, his nose will not get enough moisture. Dogs have tear ducts in their eyes that drain excess tears into the nasal passage. In case your pooch tear duct is blocked, he will have watery eyes. You will also notice a thick discharge from his eyes, or maybe he will frequently rub his eyes.

- Leishmaniasis

It is a disease caused by the transmission of a parasite by the biting of sand flies. The results are thickening or hardening of the skin and tissues, and you might observe brittle hair or fur of your dog or discoloration of his paws. A dog affected by this will exhibit vomiting, diarrhea, nose bleeds, lethargy, or soreness.

- Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis

A dry nose can also be a genetic problem in dogs. It can accompany cracks and can be seen in dogs aging 6- months to 2 years. In this case, it is recommended that you contact us and see what the best alternative is. One can also conduct genetic tests, and the responsible breeders can avoid producing these conditions in their puppies.

- Canine distemper

It is a highly contagious and fatal disease in dogs and can make a dog seriously ill. It could be one of the reasons why your pup has a dry nose. Please make sure you get him vaccinated for the same to keep him in good health.

What Should You Do?

  1. Look out for allergens

As discussed above, dogs are prone to allergies just like humans. A dry nose can be because of allergens in the house. Check for any allergens in your home like dust, pollen, mold, or maybe a plant that can cause allergy. You also have to make sure your dog is free of ticks and fleas. Common symptoms of allergies in your dog can be identified by his constant scratching or pawing his nose.

  1. Keep track of when his nose dries out the most 

A dry doggy nose can indicate dehydration. Keep a note as to when does your dog experience a drier nose. Is it more during summers or winters or when he is sleeping? If your dog has a short face, he may not be able to reach out his nose to lick. In either case, feed your dog with enough water. You can also feed him fruits that have a lot of water content, like watermelon. It is also refreshing for the summers. Hot days are special to be taken care of as, along with a dry nose, your dog might also experience weakness, sunken eyes, lethargy, or pale gums. When you keep him hydrated, these issues should go away.

  1. Use a toxin-free nose balm

Keeping your dog's nose moist will also help him in maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle. Dryness can also lead to cracking, which is the last thing you want to have for your dog. Go for a toxin-free nourishing nose balm for your dog and help him stay hydrated. 

A dry nose isn't rare in dogs and can be taken care of. Now that you know the symptoms and causes, you can easily take the necessary steps and help your pup recover from a dry nose and help him stay healthy.

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