What Is Air-Dried Dog Food (And Is It Good For My Dog)?

What Is Air-Dried Dog Food (And Is It Good For My Dog)?

Understanding what food to feed your dog can be a total minefield. You love them, and want to make sure that they have the best possible life. But you might be worried about not feeding them the right type of food. 

You might have heard of air-dried food, but what exactly is it and is it a healthy option for your dog?

In this blog, we’ll explore what air-dried food is and whether it is good for your dog.

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So What Exactly Is Air-Dried Dog Food?

In air-dried dog food, the moisture content is removed from the raw food gently and slowly, which helps to preserve the vital nutrients. This makes the food denser, and most importantly, does not compromise the quality of the food or its taste. It also eliminates harmful pathogens while giving the same taste as that of raw food.

Air-dried dog food has become the newest favourite for many dog owners, for obvious reasons.

But if you are still new to the concept, do not worry, we shall discover more about it together!

What Is So Special About Air-Dried Food?

You might already know that dry dog food is not the healthiest choice for your dog. However, air-dried food is a great and healthy alternative, here’s why:

1. It’s Air-Dried With No Refrigeration

Unlike raw or refrigerated food, air-dried food is prepared using an air-drying technique that retains all the natural enzymes, nutrients, and vitamins. It can be served easily like kibble, only much more nutritionally dense.

2. No Added Preservatives

In the air-dried process the raw ingredients are placed in drying chambers, and the air is pumped into these chambers till evaporation occurs.

This is a natural process and does not require any artificial preservatives, which is great as preservatives are not great for anyone. The preservatives used in some pet foods can be carcinogenic and can be harmful to your dog's health in the long run.

3. It Is Easy To Serve And Saves Time

You’re probably too busy to cook for yourself, never mind your dog. Air-dried food is super easy to serve, meaning no cooking food from scratch, just scoop it and to the bowl. No matter how busy you are, you don’t need to compromise on your dog’s health

4. It Is Wholesome And No Mess!

Air-dried food can be served as meals, supplements, or even treats. You need not handle raw meat, and your dog will get all nutrients present in the raw food.

In the air-dried process, the ingredients used are comprised of 90% meat, with quality plants, required vitamins, oils, and minerals. You can relax knowing you are serving your fur baby a wholesome diet with each meal.

5. It’s Scoopable

Air-dried food does not dry up or crumble like refrigerated or dried food. Because it is prepared slowly and using the evaporation method, moisture is preserved in the food and always easy to scoop and serve. Even your dog will find it easy to chew and swallow

6. Each Bowl Is Packed With Nutrients

Unlike dehydrated food, where heat is used, this food is air-dried, preserving all the vital nutrients, ensuring that your dog gets his daily diet of a healthy bowel.

7. Easily Digestible

There is no doubt that dry food and kibble is easy to serve, however air-dried food is just as easy and so much better for your dog. The best thing about this food type is that it doesn’t expand once digested. If your dog is one of those sensitive ones that bloats up, this healthy alternative can be one of the decent choices.

8. Immunity Booster

The air-dried food retains all the nutrients required for maintaining a healthy life for your dog. It improves resistance and boosts immunity in your pup giving them less chance of falling ill. It can also lower the chances of cancer and increases the life expectancy of your dog

Are All Air-Dried Food The Same?

Of course not! Although its benefits are varied and very encouraging, not all air-dried food available out there is the same. Based on the brands, the ingredients, and whom it is meant for, this food can or cannot be hypo-allergen or grain-free.

We recommend that you take note of the shelf-life. We often tend to go for stuff that has a longer shelf-life, however, this might not be a good idea when it comes to air-dried food. The shorter the shelf-life is, the more natural the food is likely to be. Go for food that is labelled for no more than 18 months.

Before finalizing any food brand for your dog, make sure you read the label well. There is a wide range of air-dried food for dogs available, so make sure that you choose one that is suitable for your dog.

Is Air-dried Food A Good Choice For Your Dog?

Healthy and nutritional food is very important to allow your dog to live a healthy and happy life.

Air-dried food is nutritional, natural, low-maintenance and delicious, and we recommend it for many dogs. However, all dogs are different, and you should try and find food that is suitable for your dog.

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