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Who We are?
Your Best Friend’s New Best Friend

In the last couple of years there has been an increase in pet ownership in the Middle East Region. Pets are playing a large role in people’s life, therefore, choosing & providing a healthy and comfortable life for their pets is a crucially important.

This is where Aleeph fits in. A dedicated company which believes that each pet deserves the best by providing them with high quality products. We guarantee that every effort will be taken by Aleeph is for taking care of the owner’s dear pet, because the positioning statement that represents the us is “We care about your pet as much as you care about them”.

We bring health and happiness to your pets!

What is our mission

It all began with a commitment to care about pet’s health to improve their entire quality of life which is mainly achieved by providing nutritional food for pets in addition to a healthy lifestyle.

To achieve success and maintain it, our team are accredited nutrition’s that will carefully choose the formulas with real nutrition that does not contain by-product, low ingredients and unnecessary preservatives that combines meat, chicken, and fish protein in the pets’ bowl. Also, our team are up to date in pet industry knowledge to educate the owners of the pet with facts and information’s to make sure that their pets are living a good life.

Aleeph is established to create a special bonding and unforgettable moments with the owners and their pets instead of worrying.

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